2020 is finally here and the opportunity to create new resolutions! Eat better, hit the gym, and getting KATE-ified!

KATE-ified is better than clean, it's a lifestyle. Invite our team (Dana+Kate) into your home to purge, organize, clean and create a plan that you can sustain throughout the year.

Pick Your Plan and email

Family was in town, kids were home from school and everyone was reaching for their favorite snacks. The pantry is NOW a mess and you can't find the stinking can of olives! Frustration has taken over and it's time to bring in the big guns: Dana + Kate. Let our talented team of two bring your pantry back to paradise. Hello can of pineapple!

Maybe it's your kitchen...maybe it's your office. Whatever the space is, Kate + Dana will make it feel better. Let's purge, clean and organize your space. Let's discuss a plan to maintain your feel-good space. Kate and I will haul off your donations and purge the trash.


Over the holidays, you couldn't find anything to wear. You threw the dresses one way and the jackets another thus resulting in the CLOSET TORNADO! Somehow the closet you once knew and loved has become a terrifying space. Don't worry KATE+DANA are here. This is Kate's magic. Her ability to turn your cluttered closet into a space of love is a thing of beauty. Let's purge the items that you don't wear, donate items that no longer fit and create space to see the items you love. You deserve the best this year!


Hello! We have met before! This package is for the customer that needs a little tiding up. You have previously invited KATE+DANA into your home, but inevitably spaces get dirty and you need a SWOOSH of organization. We are happy to come back and organize your closet, pantry, kitchen or whatever space. Give us a shout! 

What else? Don't see your space listed here? No problem!

A Space For Kate is happy to customize a plan for you! Let's get Kate-ified! 

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